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Digital Strategy

Using digital channels and data strategically is vital for the success of your company.

You read all about it in the newspapers that e-commerce is growing, dubble digit: e.g. +20% last year in the Netherlands alone to a total of 7.8 billion Euro (2015)

Digital presence will support you to reach your total strategy and goals.



  • Because your customers are more and more digital connected
  • Because you need to have digital focus
  • Because you need to control your digital presence 
  • Because digital information will help you grow
  • Because Social Media interacts digitally with your website and websales.
  • There is data available



Step 1 - Understand which digital phase your company is in.

Step 2 - List current processes and vision of the company

Step 3 - Define how digital strategy can be integrated into your overall strategy

Step 4 - Define action plan for further deployment

Step 5 - Check current innovations and plans for innovation.



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