Are sales skills less important? No! But knowing how it fits in strategically, is more important

When I read the below Chart of the Week from Harvard Business Review, I thought that is interesting!

My understanding of below Chart is that for Sales people it is important to understand how they fit in the strategy of the company and how they can contribute to that target. In my experience it is important for companies to analyse the information and orders, to understand what is different and learn from it.


Chart of the Week: The Sales Skills Employers Are Looking For

About 30% of job profiles for sales positions included “develops sales leads” as a top competency prior to the year 2000. Fast-forward a dozen or so years later and only 8% of profiles state the same. On the flip side, today’s sales jobs increasingly require that candidates prioritize tasks through thoughtful analysis, embrace strategic vision, and learn the business. Importantly, it’s not that today’s salespeople aren’t expected to develop leads or deal with multiple tasks. Rather, as Frank V. Cespedes and Daniel Weinfurter explain on, “yesterday’s sales strengths have become today’s minimum skill requirements.” For hiring managers, this means constantly reviewing changes to the market in order to advertise for positions and hire competitively.