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How do you manage the Marketing Communication of your company?

I have a great tool for you: the Cockpitter this is a great tool to get control over the Marketing communication in your company.
(please click on the link to see a short introduction film in Dutch on the Cockpitter and what it can do)

Communication means: Communication on Social Media, (like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), Newsletters, Blogs, via e-Mailings and via SMS alerts.

With the Cockpitter:

you have the communications closely together

you are able to plan the exact date when to send your communications

you can follow up who has looked at it and specifically where they looked at for analysis.

you can do analysis of the various communications and understand what got the most attention and which one did generate more sales.


De Cockpitter – The full Marketing Communication platform

Is a SAAS (software as a service) and can easily be combined with your CRM

Is very easy to use and manage for anyone

You can start using it asap, as the implementation is quick.