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We would like you to shine!

You and your company do have a strategy but does it shine?

Please check the below list on your Business Strategy for your company:

  • Your Business strategy is also perfect for this year.
  • Your Vison and Mission do fit your Business Strategy
  • Your SWOT analysis  is still up to date.
  • You use all SWOT outcomes to drive current decisions.
  • You have taken enough time to clarify your strategy with your employees.
  • Your strategy is clear for your customers
  • You measure according your strategy via strategic KPI’s
  • Your company’s outlook is prosporous
  • You do not need any help

If you answered with yes on above questions, than you are indeed set and you do not need to read further.  However if you answered one or more questionnaires with no, than you are invited to read on…

Often you have a strategy, vission and mission statements however over time this has withered and is now up for renewal, but you do not have:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Right People
  • Right Expertise
  • Other…

We can help you with a checkup of your Business Strategy.

How do we work:
We make it as simple as possible and this is how we propose to help you in 3 phases:
Phase 1 – Analysis of current situation of the company and it’s surroundings
Phase 2 – Sense check of the Company strategy
Phase 3 – Further Action plans for implementation, e.g. Balanced Scorecards, lMarketing strategy, etc.

For each of these phases you can choose to do it as follows:
a) Do it together                                           – Hourly tarrif for the expert
b) Have it done by the STAR Team                 – Hourly tarrif for the team

c) Tailor made concept                                  – Contact us

We can help you with a checkup of your Business Strategy

Please contact us directly via

Tel +32 483 289 899