To us disruption has the following meaning: it is a new way of doing things, and challenging the current way of working.

This is a challenge for many businesses!

Therefore it is time to update your Business Strategy!


When is the last time you updated your Business Strategy?

A) Recently, perfect!
You are up to date with your Business Strategy, or do you still want to have a second opinion to sharpen your thoughts and make it as crisp as possible.
You can contact us for thinking with you.

B) Longer than 1 year ago?
Would you consider help in order to develop the strategy into something you can use on a day to day basis? We help businesses adapt their strategies to be able to cope with the newest challenges.

C) Longer than 3 years ago?
The world is changing, with new technologies, new markets, new customers. How are you going to reach out to them? What will your new way of working be? We help businesses to define a strategy which will make them ready for the changing world and can help you with your new disruptive strategy, including digital strategy.


Business strategy is normally for 3 to 5 years and is reviewed at least annually to be effective.

A good business strategy is driving direction for all your business decisions and your organization.

We can help you with updating your strategy and adapting it to your future needs, including Business, Technology and Digital aspects. 



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Talita Heijmerink



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